it’s been good friends, see you next month

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when will harry wear his clip on earring again though

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Boston c

Washington, DC - 8/11

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little white lies - gillette stadium, 8.9.14 x

August 12th - AH. K so the picture is of my two sorority sisters. They went to the show in DC last night and they were just out and about exploring the site and THEIRS HARRY STYLES, WET AS THE OCEAN, RUNNING UP AND DOWN THE LINCOLN MEMORIAL STEPS. LIKE WHAT! his body guard told them they couldn’t take a picture at first and one of the girls explained they were at the show last night and it would make her life and he just came over and shook their hands and asked for their names and took the photo! JUST YOUR AVERAGE EVERYDAY OCCURRENCE. i’m obviously not ok.x


Gillette Stadium, Foxborough, MA. 09/08.